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RAWsome MealsTM

Our Story

On January 4th, 2017 I flew back to Los Angeles with my first dog since I was 10. Back then we fed our dog Ken-L-Ration, which we knew was horse meat, but they don’t make Ken-L-Ration any more. These days most people feed their dog kibble, which never made any sense to me. My new dog was raised on kibble for the first two years of her life. As a companion to a kibble-eater, she nibbled at her kibble and lived with runny stools. Without a kibble-eating companion she would nibble no kibble, no matter the brand or price. My dog was looking like a starving runaway so I turned to food ideas I found online. None worked. I tried meals from Just Food for Dogs. She threw them up. Luckily, I discovered the documentary, Pet Fooled, which introduced me to species-appropriate nutrition. After doing my own research, some feeding trials and receiving an special ingredient from my butcher, I developed a species-appropriate recipe that delivers the full complement of essential nutrients a canine (or feline) needs. Ginger's new meals improved muscle tone, reduced shedding, produced small, healthy  stools, fresh breath and proved to be doggy-delicious. But though my Boxer-mix was regularly devouring the best meals of her young life, she suffered from what I learned to be Boxer colitis. I was told that this is a "chronic" condition, Undeterred, I took a deeper dive into canine nutrition and discovered that the missing ingredient was the fermentation carnivores get when they consume whole prey. But, our human-grade production facility is not allowed to include the bacteria and microorganisms that create this fermentation. So I tried adding raw apple cider vinegar to her meals as a substitute. It worked, but my dog began eating grass between meals. I added a portion of organic cabbage (sauerkraut) to her meals to include fiber. Her grass-eating stopped. Last, I replaced a portion of her meals with whole prey, and Mother Nature did not disappoint. We've since won two awards, one for the Best Artisan Canine Meal Provider - California (2022). 

        Ginger, will soon complete her 8th year on earth and still maintains the physique and energy of a young dog, thanks in large part to her RAWsome Meals.

Yours truly,

F. André Fortune

Species appropriate raw meals, muscle, organs, marrow bone, heart

2022 Lux Life Award

7-1/2 y.o. Ginger chases a ball at the park.

Recorded 5/11/2022 (video)

Pet Fooled (Documentary Film)

RAWsome Meals are optimized for healthy dogs and may not be suitable for dogs on medication. For dietary advice specific to your pet, consult a nutrition-trained vet.

RAWsome Meals produced by H.F. Meats, Inc. for Carnivore Feast. Copyright 2020-2022 by Carnivore Feast