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RAWsome Meal​sTM


Real Food For Dogs & Cats

A message to pet lovers . . . 

There was a time when if I heard someone say they loved their dog or cat, that I thought they were nutty. Really? You love a furry carnivore? Then, in 2016 while visiting a friend in south Texas, one of her two dogs would curl up at my feet whenever I sat on the living room sofa. There was something very sweet about that. I took her out for walks a couple of times and to the beach in Galveston, but I didn't think much of it until a few days after arriving back in Los Angeles. Damn, I missed that dog. Suddenly, I was one of “those people”. Luckily, my friend consented to let me buy her dog and a few weeks later I flew her in from Texas. Now, a bonafide pet lover, I wanted the best for Ginger. She would no longer eat the kibble she was raised on and I wasn’t sure what to feed her until I watched the  documentary, Pet Fooled, which introduced me to "species-appropriate" food. What I learned in the next few weeks was both disturbing and eye-opening. First, the bad news:

  • Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center found cancer to be responsible for 50% of all pet dog and cat deaths 
  • Harvard Medical School determined that diet can promote cancer or protect against it 
  • 6 million dogs and almost 6 million cats will be diagnosed with cancer this year

I wanted to know when, if ever, any pet food company made species-appropriate food for dogs (or cats). My research led me not to a company, but to the food indigenous hunters fed their dogs that regularly lived until the age of 20 and older. Where the native people lived determined which ungulates they hunted; deer, elk, bison, moose or caribou. Knowing that these were also the preferred prey of wolves and wild canines, it was natural for the people to share the muscle, organs and bones with their domesticated dogs. Today it's believed that canines prefer ungulates instinctually because the muscle tissue contains energy-storage molecules and chemical messengers, called lipids, that treat and prevent chronic disease. Modern dietary science tells us that canines (and felines) need to consume whole prey or the equivalent, which includes the digestive enzymes, to maintain optimum health and wellness:

  • Muscle supplies protein and healthy fat for energy
  • Heart is rich in amino acids; potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and B-vitamins
  • Secreting organs supply a host of minerals and fatty acids​
  • Bone provides calcium to maintain bone strength
  • Marrow contains collagen, glucosamine and iron, for joint health
  • Digestive Enzymes create fermentation and convert protein into amino acids

RAWsome Meals are formulated to contain the key elements of whole prey, including the digestive enzymes absolutely essential to the digestive health of our furry friends. Because our human-grade facility cannot process unwashed ungulate digestive tract 1/3 of each meal is whole ground rabbit complete with the digestive enzymes, vegetables and grasses the rabbit consumed. The other two-thirds is 100% grass-fed ungulate; of 70% muscle, 10% heart, 10% secreting organ and 10% powdered marrow-bone to create a species appropriate meal consisting of big game and whole small prey designed to support and maintain optimal health and wellness. 


Be a RAWsome pet parent!

Note: For 73 years Ken-L-Ration (horse muscle meat in a can) was the #1 dog food in America until pet food companies began pushing more profitable hard, dry carbo-nuggets as pet food.

* Click for our Feeding RAWsome page for feeding instructions.

An end to soft, stinky poos!

All poops are not created equal. Feeding your pet species-appropriate food will convert more of each meal into life-sustaining enzymes and energy, which translates into smaller, firm stools that don’t smell like . . . poop!*

* Dogs and cats often eat things they that they shouldn’t, so every stool may not be perfect. Not allowing your pet to fast intermittently, can also negatively affect their digestion along with exposure to synthetic materials and environmental factors.

The Native American Diet

How the pet food industry is killing your pet

RAWsome Meals are optimized for healthy pets and may not be suitable for animals on some medications. Consult a nutrition-trained vet for specific dietary advice.

RAWsome Meals proprietary recipes are produced by H.F. Meats, Inc. for Carnivore Feast. Copyright 2020-2023 by Carnivore Feast, Los Angeles, CA