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RAWsome Meal​sTM


Species-Appropriate Food For Dogs & Cats

Harvard Medical School determined that diet can promote cancer or protect against it. The Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University found that cancer is responsible for 50% of all dog and cat pet deaths each year. 

       A species-appropriate diet is key to protecting against cancer. RAWsome Meals are modeled on the food indigenous people fed their dogs, dogs that ran with the hunters for 18-20+ years. Indigenous people hunted ungulates as food and for their hides. Depending on the region the ungulates they would have hunted included deer, elk, Bighorn Sheep, bison or caribou. There is little doubt that the people knew wild dogs and wolves preferred the same prey. It's now believed that wild canines prefer ungulates instinctually because the muscle tissue contains energy-storage molecules and chemical messengers called lipids that treat and prevent chronic disease. What we do know from modern dietary science is that our canine (and feline) friends require the 4 key elements of whole prey to maintain optimum health; muscle, secreting organs, marrow bones and fermentation-forming digestive enzymes:

  • Muscle supplies protein and healthy fat for energy
  • Heart is rich in amino acids; potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and B-vitamins
  • Secreting organs supply a host of minerals and fatty acids​
  • Bone provides calcium, for bone strength
  • Marrow contains collagen, glucosamine and iron, for joint health
  • Fermentation converts protein into amino acids

RAWsome Meals contain 71% ungulate muscle, 10% ungulate heart, 10% secreting ungulate  organs (liver, kidney & spleen) and 9% ungulate marrow-bone, which adds up to 100% species-appropriate essential nutrition. However, our production facility is human-grade certified, so we cannot include the digestive bacteria and microorganisms found in whole prey that create the fermentation needed to maintain a "healthy gut". But, by adding at least one form of fermentation, seen below, your pet’s nutritional needs for optimal health and wellness are complete.*

  1. Basic probiotic: Add 1-2 Tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar per lb. of RAWsome Meals.
  2. Probiotic & fiber: Add 1-2 Tbsps low-salt fermented organic veggies per 1-lb. of RAWsome Meals.
  3. Whole prey w/digestive enzymes: Substitute 2 oz/lb. of RAWsome Meals with whole prey.
Become a RAWsome pet parent, today!

Note: For 73 years Ken-L-Ration (horse meat in a can) was the #1 dog food in America until 1956 when kibble began being marketed as a healthy alternative because it’s more profitable.

* Click for our Feeding RAWsome page for feeding instructions.

Fed right, their poo won't stink!

When you feed your pet nutrient-dense, species-appropriate food, more of each meal is converted into life-sustaining enzymes and energy, which translates into small, firm, round stools that don’t stink like, you-know-what!

The Diet of Native Americans

How the pet food industry is killing your pet

RAWsome Meals are optimized for healthy pets and may not be suitable for animals on some medications. Consult a nutrition-trained vet for specific dietary advice.

RAWsome Meals produced by H.F. Meats, Inc. for Carnivore Feast. Copyright 2020-2023 by Carnivore Feast, Los Angeles, CA